Personal Branding Tip: Enhance Your Pinterest Page

How to use branding strategies to enhance your Pinterest page

Do you have a business that you want to market online? Do you use a blog to help your website traffic but don't know how to increase your numbers? Are you simply hoping to publish your online portfolio and want people to actually see it? Look no further than Pinterest!

Pinterest is a secret weapon. It's even more powerful when you have a business with a website and a blog. Etsy Shop creators, DIYers, bloggers, and more successful businesses have used Pinterest to expand their business. Here are some simple tricks to building your brand on business to grow your Pinterest page, which will lead to more traffic to your website! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Your Pinterest bio should be interesting and memorable. 

A smiling photo of your face should welcome viewers when they click on your profile. People love to see people! They also want learn more about YOU. A brief explanation of who you are and what you do will catch the attention of people interested in what you have to offer. 

After your bio is completed, add your website to your bio so your followers know how to find more of your content. Also, link your Twitter and Facebook pages if you actively use them. Change your username so that's it's your first and last name, or the same name as your blog. Simple changes like this will help boost your credibility. 

One more tip: add keywords to your Pinterest name. Mine says "Social Media, Digital Marketing, and PR." It helps improve my chances of being found through searches, and it's also the first indicator of what my Pinterest page is about. 

Create a board specifically for your blog content.

The first board that viewers should see on your profile is one dedicated to your own business/blog. What better way to advertise your own content? This will make it easier for readers to identify your niche. If they are interested in your expertise, then they are sure to follow you!

(Don't have a blog yet? There's plenty of resources out there to get started. Here are a few of my favorites: one, two, and three.)

Keep your own pins on brand with your blog. It took me a while to improve this aspect of my Pinterest page. It's best to use the same fonts and colors consistently. I also thought my page looked better when I added a logo at the bottom of my pins and used similar stock images that related to the topic of the blog post that I shared. 

Create other boards that relate to your blog, interests, or expertise. 

Your Pinterest page should have at least 15 boards with intriguing content. Each board should have at least 20 pins (but 50-100 is honestly better). Share other bloggers' content as much as your own. Start a "pin for pin" train if you know what I mean! When other bloggers see that you shared their content, they are more likely to share yours in return. (This works on other social media platforms other than Pinterest.)

Since my blog talks about social media frequently, I created a separate board titled "Social Media Marketing." I share pins that talk about specific social media networks, social media tips, creating online strategies, and of course my own blog pins! 

Share pins with informative content.

Some pins are better than others. Some pins share better content than others too. Don't share pins because they look pretty or they have large fonts. Take the time to go through and browse the content that other bloggers are sharing. Sometimes the links attached to pins can be outdated or nonexistent. 

Don't leave your followers hanging! They are following you for a reason. Give them content that they are interested in, and make sure the content is nothing short of amazing. This will keep your followers around, and they'll be more likely to repin what you share!

I cannot stress enough how much I recommend getting started on Pinterest. It was my main source of web traffic for months, and it's really helped enhance my online presence. What have you done to enhance your brand through digital media?

Miranda Hassen