How to Market Yourself with Business Cards

How to Market Yourself with Business Cards

Have you ever been out and about - perhaps at a coffee shop or shopping with some friends - and unexpectedly, you interact with someone that may be interested in your business or could help you enhance your career? Don't you wish you had a simple way of giving someone your email and phone number? If you haven't experienced this, chances are it will happen at some point in your career.

Business cards are a great way to quickly exchange your contact information with a colleague, a career professional you admire, or even a potential customer! So how can you use a business card to your advantage? Here's some tips I found to help make the most out of business cards:

Include all your relevant contact information.

Your name, phone number, and email are a given. But your business card will be more effective if you take into consideration what you want to get out of it. If you're hoping to get a job or an internship, then you should include a link to your portfolio or LinkedIn profile. If you're trying to promote your business, then you should include your business logo and website link. If you're trying to sell a product, consider adding a code to your card that will provide a discount or coupon. Whatever your situation is, think strategically about what will make help you stand out when you are giving your business card to another person.

Your business cards should be on brand.

Branding is 100% necessary because of the visual images we are used to seeing on a constant basis. So how should you incorporate branding into your business card? There numerous ways that you can, and it all depends on you, and what you want people to know about you. College students could incorporate their university's colors and logo while a graphic designer can include their aesthetic typography into their respective business cards. There's no limit on what a brand can be, but it should be personal, unique, and showcases the best of YOU.

Add some flair to make your business card unique.

Graphics. Typography. Your signature. A photograph. Anyone one of these ideas could really make your business card pop, which will make you more memorable. Whatever you think will best represent you on a card should be included.

Need some ideas. I absolutely adore Melyssa Griffin's business cards. She even wrote an article about how to paint the edges of business cards. Pretty wild, right?

And one last tip... take your business cards with you EVERYWHERE! You never know what opportunity may pop up!

What do you think you can do to make your business card best represent you?

Miranda Hassen