The Ultimate Review List of Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Management Tools

Social media marketing and public relations has really taken off since 2008. In those ancient times, marketers, businesses, and bloggers alike were only concerned with Facebook and Twitter. Eight years later, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, and even Periscope have been added into the mix. It’s a great opportunity for fun and creativity through advertising, but it’s left thousands of social media managers shaking their fists in frustration over how to manage it all.

I’ve been working consistently with social media from a marketing standpoint, and since April 2016, I'm seeing a blogger’s perspective too. I’ve used nearly all of the social media management tools and softwares that exist. For anyone out there getting started with social media marketing and/or personal branding, here is a list of reviews and insight from fellow bloggers including myself!

Let’s get started, shall we?


I wanted to start with Buffer first because it’s one of my favorites! The set up is really simple. Melissa Hebbe shares more of her experience with Buffer:

Buffer is hands down my favorite way to schedule out my social media. I swear by it to schedule out my Facebook and Twitter. It’s super easy to schedule out my posts and if I happen to schedule a post at the wrong time, I can just drag the scheduled post to the right time. Another feature I like is being able to re-buffer old posts, especially the ones that have received great feedback. Buffer has its own analytics, so you can see which scheduled post has done the best.

Perfect for: social media managers, bloggers, freelancers, business consultants


Monika of Violet Roots provides her own review of Hootsuite:

I've used both Hootsuite and Buffer primarily for my Twitter account. Although Buffer beats Hootsuite in terms of user friendliness and overall aesthetic, Hootsuite offers free features that just can't be beat. I love how I can see my past scheduled tweets in both a weekly and monthly format. It helps me to assess my future social strategies better. I also really like the Hootsuite "streams." It helps me easily integrate the best content that others are producing into my own marketing efforts.

Since Hootsuite is one of the most popular tools, I also asked Krystal Marie from Studio Krystal her thoughts:

After using platforms like Buffer for many years, I decided to make the change over to Hootsuite. I needed a platform that suited more platforms at the free level – with the ability to purchase higher plans. But I also needed something that laid everything out well for me and that I could see everything on one simple screen – similar to Tweetdeck. Hootsuite is amazing and primarily I schedule Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the platform and it has worked out wonderfully for me. I’ve even gotten to use Hootsuite for clients when I’m managing their social media. It has been the best platform me and will continue to be my go-to for its user friendly and structured outline!

Perfect for: social media managers who want to measure analytics and ROI


If you want social media scheduling and project management all rolled into one software, then CoSchedule is the way to go. It’s a bit more complicated to learn, but they provide plenty of videos and tutorials to help get you started. What I like most about CoSchedule is the calendar face. It allows you to visually see which days are full of social media posts and activity, and which days are lacking. I highly recommend this software!

Perfect for: bloggers, freelancers, and multi-taskers who like to see content visually on a calendar interface


I’m sure this is a great program for some people, but MeetEdgar just wasn’t for me. What’s nice about it is you can categorize the types of posts you want to share, then draft your content, and MeetEdgar will take care of the rest. If you’re okay with periodically repeating old content, then this platform is great. However, I personally could not get the hang of it.

Perfect for: bloggers and freelancers that want to consistently share the same content in as little time necessary

Sprout Social

This is probably the least popular of the management tools. However, their customer service is pretty great, and I’ve referred to their blog for help plenty of times. It has a very organized layout, and it's really easy to publish your content. However, the problem with Sprout Social is that it only allows a limited number of social media platforms in comparison to other tools. It's also more expensive. I honestly couldn't find any bloggers that use Sprout Social to get a second opinion, so here's mine: skip it.


Personally, I've never used Tailwind so I don't know much about it. I've connected with fellow bloggers, and Madison from Joyfully Mad reached out to share her experience. You can read Madison's complete review here at Joyfully Mad.

I recently tested the free trial of Tailwind, and I really like its interface. The platform gives you recommendations for improving your Pinterest profile, and will schedule pins at an optimal time. It also has a Chrome extension which makes pinning a breeze!

Perfect for: web strategists and bloggers that want to grow website traffic fast


I was introduced to BoardBooster through Melyssa Griffin’s Pinfinite Growth course, and I love it! Pinterest has never been easier to work with once you get your BoardBooster account set up. It's been once of the main drivers of web traffic to my site since I launched it this past April. Using Pinterest is a game changer in growing your blog, so get started with BoardBooster ASAP!

Perfect for: bloggers that want to quickly grow web traffic and share the same content repeatedly without thinking twice about it


Previously known as Latergramme, Later is an app you can download, which helps you post content for Instagram. AllieDanae from The Social Walker really like Later because it "has a great visual layout, and is probably the easiest to figure out how to use." So if you're an Instagram guru, or you just enjoy marketing your brand visually then Later might be an excellent choice.

Perfect for: Instagram marketers and entrepreneurs


It can be complicated to set up TweetDeck, but once you get started, it’s a great resource for participating in Twitter chats. It’s also good if Twitter is one of your favorite social media networks. If you don’t have a budget for social media scheduling then good news - It’s totally free to use!

Can you believe there’s so many platforms out there to choose from? Hopefully this blog will help you decide which one is right for you! Leave comments below and tell me which software you use, and why you like it!

Perfect for: Twitter addicts and those who want to participate in Twitter chats and monitor hashtags