Try these 5 LinkedIn Strategies to Get Noticed by Recruiters


For job seekers and entry level workers, LinkedIn is one of the best online resources for finding jobs, researching companies, and most importantly, networking. But many of LinkedIn's 100 million active accounts aren't using the platform to their full advantage. 

I've used LinkedIn numerous times to reach out to college professors, find an internship and network with professionals that I admire. Here are five strategies I use to improve my personal branding:

1. Remove the overused buzzwords.

I wrote another blog post about removing jargon from your resume. The same concept should apply to your LinkedIn profile. Don't use the same-old-same-old words that everyone else is using.

2. Ask for recommendations.

Anyone and everyone can talk about how great they are. But it says something when somebody else says how great you are. Ask your boss, your manager, your mentor, or your college professor to write you a recommendation on LinkedIn. It will help compliment your leadership roles on campus or at your job. You can learn how to request a recommendation here

3. Improve your LinkedIn profile's SEO.

When people search your name on Google, the first thing you want to show up is your website or online portfolio. However, if you don't have either of those, LinkedIn is the next best thing.

4. Connect with professionals that interest you.

Don't be afraid to add people that you don't know very well. LinkedIn was designed to be a networking tool, and it's perfect for entry-level workers and interns. If you're interested in photography, join groups about photography and comment on posts. Add people that have started their own photography business. Don't be shy! Send them a message on why you would like to connect with them. Who knows? You might find out about a job opportunity that wasn't publicly posted!

5. Be yourself.

Too many people are under the misconception that they have to be as professional as possible. But LinkedIn is like other social networks in the fact that it's okay to show your personality. Emojis aren't included in its domain (yet) but if you write how you talk, then you can absolutely let your personality shine through in your summary.

What do you think of these strategies to be more noticeable on LinkedIn? Do you have any other ideas? 

Miranda Hassen