How to Tailor Your Resume for Digital Marketing Jobs

Tailor Your Resume for Digital Marketing Jobs

Even though marketers create ads and social media campaigns on a regular basis, a lot of them have a hard time selling themselves. One simple rule when creating your digital marketing resume is to keep in mind to market yourself like you would a business. Know your target audience and showcase your unique selling points. But what else can you do to make sure your resume gets to the yes pile? Read the tips below:

Keep it clear and simple.

If you want to showcase that you really are the well organized digital marketing professional you claim to be then the first step is putting together a clear and simple resume. You can start by keeping the font and formatting consistent across the whole document. You need to focus on you; your message and experience. There’s nothing that should be distracting the potential employer reading your resume. Split your resume up with bullet points, important hyperlinks that stand out, and bold headings.

Clearly communicate your value proposition.

One of the major aspects of your resume is the mission statement. This is effectively your own personal tagline. It’s one of the first things that the hiring manager will see on your resume. As such you should use it to showcase how you are the right candidate for this position and tell the recruiter why you’re such a digital marketing genius.

 Being creative is the key to showcasing your talent and skills in just a few lines. If you’re someone who writes content then avoid something boring and predictable like “I’m an excellent writer”. Instead you need to think about how you can truly use your words and what they can do. Do you have the power to make an audience act or change their opinion of a brand? Show the manager why there is value in bringing you on board.

Tailor the content.

When you write a copy you do a little research on who the target market is so you know how you should write it. You should do the same here and look at the content of your favorite brand before you apply for that position of your dreams. The recruiter will be looking for someone who really fits their company and can do the best for them. You need to prove to them that you are that person.

These days many job specifications are a reflection of the company that posted them. Look through the specification and highlight any keywords or phrases that you can use in your resume.

Be specific.

When you write your digital marketing resume there are plenty of chances to be specific about your successes with other brands. You need to show off figures, percentages, KPIs, metrics and any other measurable outcomes you can think of. This shows your knowledge to the recruiter and lets them know you have the power to create, run, and measure a great marketing campaign.

So if you were able to successfully generate more leads in a campaign you should put a name to it, a number (such as the percentage), and how long it took you to achieve this. Also include a couple of words about how you were able to achieve it and why it was so important to the company that you did. Showcase all your achievements in this way using short and concise bullet points.

You’re a brand so market yourself like one.

Compared to a regular resume a digital marketing resume is different because it is a reflection of how well you can get the job done. The hiring manager will look at your resume and, if you can’t market yourself, they will feel that you can’t market their company. This could either be a challenge or a great opportunity to show them what you can do depending on how you look at it.

Obviously the latter approach is best. Link to things you’ve done, such as a website, your social media accounts, a blog, or any other high quality work that you can show them. Don’t forget that the crafting process goes beyond just the two perfect pages that is your resume. You should take part in LinkedIn discussions that are relevant and think about tweeting about current industry news. The recruiter is absolutely going to Google you so you need to make sure they have something good to look at when they do.


In the world of normal resumes typos are a no-go. They become absolutely unforgivable in the digital world. You need to have flawless grammar if you’re communicating digitally. Make sure your sentences are incisive and to the point and the core of the message should be obvious to anyone reading.

If you were to publish something on your website or in your newsletter there’s no way you’d do it without having a colleague proofread it because it would make you and your brand look bad. The same is true of your personal brand. Typos and inconsistencies can seriously damage your personal brand and there’s no excuse for them.

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