25 Instagram Hashtags for Creative Entrepreneurs

Word on the street is that Instagram is where all the cool cats hang out. As I strategized my Instagram hashtag research, I found that there are lots of hashtags out there created just for creative entrepreneurs.

If you’re an entrepreneur and looking for creativity, then these are the Instagram hashtags you want to use! They’ll boost your engagement and help you connect with really innovative creatives.



“We believe an empowered creative economy will change the world. By elevating the voices of creatives around the world, sharing their stories, and building a thriving online and offline community, we support the creative in their pursuit of a sustainable livelihood.”

Original Account: @risingtidesociety


Rising Tide Society has a few mantras, and this is one of them. If you’re a creative, use this hashtag because you’ll easily connect with others that believe “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Original Account: @risingtidesociety


The members of Rising Tide Society believe in community over competition. It’s all about building relationships before opportunity; making personal connections before a sale.

Original Account: @risingtidesociety


I wanted to share one of my favorites first! This is a very small, niche community of creatives that want to improve their copywriting.

At #createlounge, we believe in lifting the next generation of creative professionals and business owners by encouraging them to tap into their creativity, tell their story, and find their community.”

Original Account: @kaylahollatz


Create & Cultivate is a platform for women to “create and cultivate” a career that they’re passionate about. They host their own podcast called Work Party, which you can download here. You can connect with plenty of inspirational, hard-working women in this community.

Original Account: @createcultivate


Jordan Raynor is the author of a book titled Called to Create. I believe this one sentence pulled from Jordan’s website sums up the theme of the book really well: “We are made in the image of the Creator God; thus, when we follow His call to create new businesses, art, books, and other products, we are reflecting His character to the world.”

Original Account: @jordanraynor


“Showcasing the passions, dreams, & stories of today's creative ladies.”

Original Account: @_calledtobecreative


I love all the lifestyle and travel photography here! This is one hashtag that I recommend following because there is lots of inspiration here. Graphic designers are showing off their skills as well as photographers giving us a glimpse into their daily lives.


You can expect to find all sorts of creative pursuits here!


Original Account: @inkandpulp





Original Account: @creativelife_happylife


You can find artists, photographers, and bloggers here. It’s a community of people pursuing their passions.


Being Boss is a really phenomenal podcast. Add this hashtags to your Instagram posts will help you connect with other creative entrepreneurs with a go-getter attitude.

Original Account: @beingboss

#beingboss Instagram Hashtag.jpeg


Just as the name suggests, you can find additional inspiration from the content shared in this hashtag.


One of my all-time favorite Instagram hashtags! This community started with Heather Crabtree. She is the founder of The Savvy Community, a group full of like-minded people striving to build businesses and lives that they love. You can join the Facebook group if you’d like!

Original Account: @heather_crabtree


Original Account: @abeautifulmess


One of my favorite hashtags! Everyone that I’ve connected with through this hashtag has been kind, friendly, and fun to follow along on their creative pursuits.

Original Account: @yellowco.co

#bloomyellow Instagram Hashtag.jpeg


This one is mainly fashion inspiration and home decor ideas, but I love The Every Girl magazine. It’s the “ultimate online resource for creative, career-driven women” so I don’t think you can go wrong including this hashtag in your posts.

Original Account: @theeverygirl_


B-School is a marketing course launched by Marie Forleo. Most of the students for the course are aspiring entrepreneurs and digital marketers. Within the hashtag, you’ll see coaches, virtual assistants, graphic designers, photographers, and more.

Original Account: @marieforleo

#bschool Instagram hashtag.jpeg


Original Account: @bunchmagazine


A beautiful array of art and colors, you’ll love this hashtag!


Original Account: @seekthesimplicity


Original Account: @thefreewmn


Original Account: @caffeinateandconquer


A perfect hashtag for connecting with bloggers!

Original Account: @thehappyhunters


So much color! It’s a great hashtag to browse for creative inspiration.

Original Account: @amyventures


We equip women on a mission to build unstoppable momentum, become spiritually confident & to never feel alone on the journey.”

Original Account: @gritandvirtue

Want more hashtags? How about 1,200+ and counting?

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Miranda Hassen