5 Reasons Why You Should Use Tailwind for Pinterest Scheduling

Tailwind is a popular social media scheduler for Pinterest and Instagram. The most common question that bloggers and content creators ask is this: Is Tailwind worth it? Let’s go over some of the Tailwind benefits here so you can decide for yourself!

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a marketing tool that allows you to schedule content on Pinterest and Instagram. It’s the only scheduler approved by Pinterest so many bloggers use it to consistently publish content.

Benefits of Using Tailwind for Pinterest Marketing

Do you want to use Pinterest to increase your website traffic? Tailwind can help you accomplish that!

1) Scheduling Pins

My favorite part about Tailwind is the ability to schedule pins! You can manually publish pins on Pinterest, but it can be a headache to track which pins were published to which boards.

With the scheduling tool, you can set aside one hour per week to have pins publish on your account every day.

2) Board Lists

Setting up board lists can save you lots of time when planning your Pinterest schedule.

Generally, I set up niche-specific boards and then create board lists that are broader topics.

Here is an example of one board list that I use.

The blue board titles are original boards and the green board titles are group boards. For every board list, I add 5-10 boards that can relate to that topic.

In this example for “salads”, I started with a very specific board titled Vegan Salads. Then I added a few related boards.

It takes an hour or two of time to set up board lists (depending on how many boards that you have), but it’s so worth it.

Having these board lists in place saves me so much time when I go to schedule pins!

3) Interval Settings

After the board lists are set up, I use the interval setting to “space out” pins in the schedule. For evergreen content, I typically set this interval to 3-4 weeks.

So after the first pin is published, the “repins” will publish after a minimum of 3 weeks of time has passed.

Tailwind will generate a Schedule Preview for your pin based on the interval settings that you put in place.

So for this pin in the example above, I know that it will be repurposed in the Tailwind queue for many weeks to come.

4) Tailwind Communities

Previously known as Tailwind Tribes, Communities give you an opportunity to share your pins with other Pinterest users who are in the same industry as you.

When you add your pins to the Communities, these pinners can publish your pins to their own accounts, sharing your blog content with their followers. Look at these stats!

5) Board Insights

The insights within Tailwind can provide a lot of information but I really pay attention to my Board Insights.

They tell me which boards are performing the best and which ones have the least amount of engagement.

I monitor the insights every quarter to determine whether I should leave any group boards or archive any boards that aren’t resenting with Pinterest users.

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