Pinterest Mistakes 

and how you can avoid them!

Content Creators Make

10 Common

It's time to share some 📌 Pinterest Tips! If you're not currently investing time in Pinterest marketing, follow along.

Mistake #1

You're only making one pin for each blog post or piece of content.

What To Do Instead

Design 3 or 4 Pinterest graphics for every blog post. You can use each pin to appeal to different audiences.

Mistake #2

Your pins are horizontal, square, or too small!

What To Do Instead

Pinterest prefers pins that fall under the 2:3 ratio. I always use 1,000 by 1,500 dimensions for my pin graphics. Think about it this way... longer pins will stand out better to consumers when they're browsing the Smart Feed, compared to square or horizontal pins.

Mistake #3

You're using fonts that are difficult to read.

What To Do Instead

It's fun to use curvy script fonts and artsy typography, but it doesn't always work on Pinterest! Use serif type fonts instead. If you want text to stick out, make it bold and change the colors.

Mistake #4

Your Pinterest boards are really broad topics.

What To Do Instead

Do you have a board titled "dinner recipes"? Consider making other boards that are called "chicken dinner recipes" or "gluten-free dinner ideas". Pin to these boards first before you pin to your broader boards.

Mistake #5

You're pinning content to cluttered group boards!

What To Do Instead

If you have a Tailwind account, you can check your Board Insights. Remove group boards with the lowest Engagement Scores first. If you don't have Tailwind, go to Pinterest and look at the group boards. If the boards have hundreds of contributors and hundreds of thousands of pins, then chances are that your content is getting lost in a sea of pins.

Mistake #6

You're inconsistent in how often you publish new pins.

What To Do Instead

Tailwind allows you to schedule pins but you can also schedule pins directly on Pinterest. There is no "magic number". Small blogs can share 2 or 3 pins per day. Bigger blogs can share 20 pins per day. It's all about posting quality, not quantity.

Mistake #7

Your profile has empty or incomplete boards.

What To Do Instead

When you create new boards, the goal is to have 10-15 pins published on that board as quickly as possible. It makes it easier for the Pinterest algorithm to understand what that board and the pins are about.

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