35 Best Work from Home Essentials for Your Office (2024)

Are you ready to jump from working in a traditional office setting to working from home? Working from home has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with countless people making the switch due to its many benefits.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting your own business or just transitioning away from the commute and 9-5 grind, there are plenty of reasons why it pays to work at home.

Plus, having a comfortable setup is essential for getting into that ever-important productive mindset.

If you’re new to this work lifestyle and need some tips on what must-have items will help you maximize your productivity, keep reading. I’m sharing all my favorite picks for the best work-from-home essentials!

Desks & Office Chairs

1. Minimalist Office Desk

[lasso ref=”amzn-bush-furniture-key-west-modern-farmhouse-writing-desk-for-home-office-60w-pure-white-oak” id=”16023″ title=”hide” link_id=”3598″]

This large L-shaped desk provides ample workspace for all of your work needs. I’m personally a fan of these types of desks because they easily fit into corners of bedrooms, if you’re working with a small office space.

The authentic weathered wash finish gives it the perfect Farmhouse-style charm, while its durability is supported by its weight capacity of 200 pounds.

With its multi-functionality, style, and quality, this L-shaped office desk will help keep you productive and organized while adding stylish flair to your living space.

2. Ergonomic Standing Desk

[lasso ref=”amzn-fezibo-electric-standing-desk-55-x-24-inches-height-adjustable-table-ergonomic-home-office-furniture-with-splice-board-white-frame-light-rustic-brown-tabletop” id=”16025″ title=”hide” link_id=”3599″]

Another popular option for an office desk is an electric standing desk! This desk comes with an electric height adjustable option, allowing you to customize your desired heights with the quick press of three preset buttons on the control panel.

On top of that, the spacious work surface provides you with plenty of room to spread out and work comfortably. Underneath it all is an incredibly strong lift system with a durable steel frame that can support up to 176 lbs.

3. Ergonomic Desk Chair

[lasso ref=”amzn-bestoffice-executive-desk-chair-for-office-which-is-ergonomically-made-with-armrest-lumbar-support-mesh-foam-black” id=”15974″ title=”hide” link_id=”3600″]

This Ergonomic Desk Chair is perfect for those looking for a comfortable working experience. This mesh office/computer chair is easily adjustable for height and has a locking mechanism that keeps the back upright, which helps to relieve stress and pain caused by other office chairs.

Assembly of this product is worry-free as all the necessary tools and hardware are included with step-by-step instructions. Set up time is quick, and you’ll be ready to go in about 10-15 minutes!

Computer Equipment

4. Leather Desk Pad Protector

[lasso ref=”amzn-leather-desk-pad-protectormouse-padoffice-desk-mat-non-slip-pu-leather-desk-blotterlaptop-desk-padwaterproof-desk-writing-pad-for-office-and-home-black31-5-x-15-7″ id=”15973″ title=”hide” link_id=”3601″]

This Leather Desk Pad Protector is amazing! This product is made with durable leather material that protects against scratches, stains, spills, heat, and scuffs.

The smooth surface makes you enjoy writing, typing, and browsing hassle-free. It is also large enough to accommodate your laptop, mouse, and keyboard.

5. Ergonomic Computer Mouse

[lasso ref=”amzn-anker-2-4g-wireless-vertical-ergonomic-optical-mouse-800-1200-1600-dpi-5-buttons-for-laptop-desktop-pc-macbook-black” id=”16017″ title=”hide” link_id=”3602″]

An ergonomic mouse might not look visually appealing, but they are essential if you want to reduce carpal tunnel and wrist pain. This easy-to-use mouse is designed with comfort in mind and will give you greater control over your work and gaming sessions.

6. Ergonomic Mouse Pad

[lasso ref=”amzn-hopony-ergonomic-mouse-pad-with-wrist-support-gel-rest-comfortable-for-computer-laptop-pain-relief-with-non-slip-rubber-base-9-x-10-inmodern-abstract” id=”15980″ title=”hide” link_id=”3603″]

This ergonomic mouse pad is designed to keep your hands in a neutral position for maximum comfort and support. The gel filling conforms to your wrist for ergonomic comfort, helping reduce pain or tiredness from long hours of computer work.

Plus, the strong non-skid rubber base grips your desktop firmly, preventing sliding and offering you stable operation without interruption.

7. Surge Protector Power Strip

[lasso ref=”amzn-surge-protector-power-strip-nuetsa-flat-plug-extension-cord-with-8-outlets-and-4-usb-ports-6-feet-power-cord-1625w-13a-2700-joules-etl-listed-black” id=”16016″ title=”hide” link_id=”3604″]

The Surge Protector Power Strip protects your home or office from voltage spikes. It has a generous 8 outlets and 4 USB ports make this power strip very versatile. With a cord length of 4 feet, it’s the perfect length to put anywhere in your home or office without taking up too much space.

8. Keyboard Cleaner

[lasso ref=”amzn-hagibis-cleaning-soft-brush-keyboard-cleaner-5-in-1-multi-function-computer-cleaning-tools-kit-corner-gap-duster-keycap-puller-for-bluetooth-earphones-lego-laptop-airpods-pro-camera-lens-grey” id=”16005″ title=”hide” link_id=”3605″]

This keyboard cleaner is easy to use and comes equipped with soft bristles – making it great for cleaning keyboards, desk drawers, and keycaps. The key puller device allows you to easily remove keys for more in-depth cleaning while keeping things safe from scratches and damage.

The super soft bristles ensure that all your surfaces are clean and free from any type of scratches or damage. This product has been seen on TikTok, and people have raved about its effectiveness!

9. Magnetic Chord Holder

[lasso ref=”amzn-smartish-magnetic-cord-holder-cable-wrangler-organizer-with-magnet-clips-for-charger-management-on-desktop-nightstand-or-side-table-no-2-pencil-gray” id=”15972″ title=”hide” link_id=”3606″]

Keep all your charging cords organized with magnetic chord holder! This amazing product is the game changer for cleaning up the mess of wires in your home office.

Perfect for both desks, nightstands, and side tables, this chord holder features a strong magnet that keeps all your charging cables in place. With its sleek design, it looks nice on any surface. Not to mention, it is so conveniently portable that you can bring it with you anywhere and everywhere.

10. Ethernet Cable

[lasso ref=”amzn-cat7-ethernet-cable-50-ft-network-cable-for-xbox-ps4-high-speed-flat-internet-cord-with-clips-rj45-snagless-connector-fast-computer-lan-wire-for-gamingethernet-switch-modem-router-coupler-black” id=”15982″ title=”hide” link_id=”3607″]

Sometimes you’ll want guaranteed access to high-speed internet, and this ethernet cable will be handy! I’ve used it when downloading videos, games, or uploading video content to YouTube. This high-quality cable offers users a reliable way to get ultra-fast internet access with easy installation and no hassle setup.

11. Screen Cleaner Kit

[lasso ref=”amzn-screen-mom-screen-cleaner-kit-for-laptop-phone-cleaner-ipad-eyeglass-led-lcd-tv-includes-2oz-spray-and-2-purple-cleaning-cloths” id=”15978″ title=”hide” link_id=”3608″]

Do your sensitive screens need a gentle cleaning? This screen cleaner kit is perfect for those who need to clean their electronics, like HDTVs, flatscreens, PC monitors, tablets, laptops, glasses, and smartphones, without the fear of scratching any screens.

This kit includes a 2oz spray bottle of specially formulated solution that contains no alcohol, ammonia, or phosphates. It’s completely safe to use and will leave your screen streak-free.

12. Laptop Sleeve Case

[lasso ref=”amzn-lacdo-13-inch-laptop-sleeve-case-for-13-inch-new-macbook-air-m2-a2681-m1-a2337-a2179-a1932-13-inch-new-macbook-pro-m2-m1-a2338-a2251-a2289-a2159-a1989-12-9-ipad-pro-6th-5th-4rd-computer-bag-gray” id=”15984″ link_id=”3609″]

I love this laptop sleeve so much! It provides a strong and reliable defense against dust, shocks, bumps, scrapes, scratches, and spills.

Plus, with two extra front pockets for storage, you can easily store documents, charge cables, mice, smartphones, and more! The top-loading zipper allows convenient access to your laptop, gliding smoothly for effortless use.

The shockproof protection has three layers of protection – waterproof layer, shockproof layer, and fluffy fabric inner layer – that absorb impacts and reduce damage from bumps or drops.

13. Plastic Hard Shell Case for Macbook

[lasso ref=”amzn-ibenzer-compatible-with-2022-2021-2020-macbook-air-13-inch-case-m1-a2337-a2179-a1932-plastic-hard-shell-case-for-mac-air-13-retina-display-with-touch-id-frost-clear-mma-t13cl” id=”15986″ title=”hide” link_id=”3610″]

With this protective hard shell case for Macbook, you can expect maximum protection from scratches, wear and tear – all while making a statement!

If you want to preserve your investment and keep it looking like new, this protective case is definitely the way to go.

14. Computer Monitor Stand

[lasso ref=”amzn-fitueyes-1-pack-monitor-stand-adjustable-glass-computer-monitor-riser-clear-desktop-stand-for-laptop-tv-computer-screen-desk-organization-office-supplies-dt103801gc” id=”15988″ title=”hide” link_id=”3611″]

This stylish monitor stand features a unique and modern design with four screw-in legs to the board for quick installation. Comfortable while you work, this stand’s improved posture helps reduce strain on your neck and spine, allowing you to focus more effectively.

15. Apple USB-C to USB Adapter

[lasso ref=”amzn-apple-usb-c-to-usb-adapter” id=”15989″ title=”hide” link_id=”3612″]

The Apple USB-C to USB Adapter is the perfect accessory for any iOS or iPadOS device owner who wants to connect their device to a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) enabled Mac. This adapter allows users to easily plug the USB-C end into their Mac and then connect their favorite flash drives, cameras, and other standard USB devices.

16. Ergonomic Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

[lasso ref=”amzn-portable-keyboard-iclever-bk06-foldable-bluetooth-keyboard-multi-device-wireless-folding-keyboard-ultra-slim-ergonomic-design-with-stand-holder-for-iphone-ipad-smartphone-tablet-laptop” id=”15991″ title=”hide” link_id=”3613″]

I love my Apple products, but when it comes to their keyboards, I have a bone to pick with their company! One week after I purchased my iMac, my shoulder muscles were so stiff and store. I purchased an ergonomic keyboard instead, and so glad I did.

This Bluetooth keyboard features full standard-size keys with a U-shaped frosting surface and a 166-degree angle design, giving it a smooth and user-friendly typing experience.

It also adopts an imported Broadcom Bluetooth chip, ensuring a faster connection, fluent typing operation, and lower power consumption.

The keyboard is built-in rechargeable battery allows up to 40 hours of working or a standby time of 30 days before recharging.

17. Silver Laptop Stand

[lasso ref=”amzn-rain-design-10032-mstand-laptop-stand-silver-patented” id=”15993″ title=”hide” link_id=”3614″]

Crafted from a single piece of aluminum, this lightweight stand is designed to support all popular laptop models with depths of less than 10.4 inches, such as the Apple Macbook Pro and Macbook Air.

This sleek stand elevates your notebook screen 5.9 inches to eye level for better posture, while the aluminum finish perfectly matches Apple notebooks. Plus, its built-in cable management system helps you organize cords and cables to keep your desk clear when not in use.

Phone Equipment

18. Cell Phone Stand

[lasso ref=”amzn-lamicall-cell-phone-stand-phone-dock-cradle-holder-stand-for-office-desk-black” id=”16007″ title=”hide” link_id=”3615″]

Having a cell phone stand is a godsend for those constantly multitasking with their mobile devices. Constructed from sturdily-built aluminum alloy with a nice finish, this stand is designed to be extremely stable and support even the largest of modern smartphones.

Plus, its rubber non-slip pads protect your phone case and desk from scratches, making it worry-free to use in any environment.

19. Wireless UV Sanitizer

[lasso ref=”amzn-samsung-electronics-qi-wireless-charger-and-uv-sanitizer-us-version” id=”16014″ title=”hide” link_id=”3616″]

This device sanitizer is great for anyone who wants a convenient way to keep their electronics germ-free and charging at all times. Keep your phones, earbuds, remotes and other small items clean, safe, and ready to use.

Just close the lid and press the button to disinfect for 10 minutes, and sanitation will stop automatically when the lid is open to ensure safety.

Audio and Video Equipment

20. Samson Technologies Q2U USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone

[lasso ref=”amzn-samson-technologies-q2u-usb-xlr-dynamic-microphone-recording-and-podcasting-pack-includes-mic-clip-desktop-stand-windscreen-and-cables-silver” id=”15997″ title=”hide” link_id=”3617″]

The Samson Technologies Q2U USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone offers exceptional sound quality for podcasting, home recording, or voiceover work. This dynamic microphone features a cardioid pickup pattern that captures sound in front of the microphone and reduces ambient sounds and other room noises.

If you want to increase the quality of your YouTube videos, Instagram Reels, or podcast episodes… this microphone is amazing quality on a budget!

21. Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphone

[lasso ref=”amzn-maybesta-professional-wireless-lavalier-lapel-microphone-for-iphone-ipad-cordless-omnidirectional-condenser-recording-mic-for-interview-video-podcast-vlog-youtube” id=”15999″ title=”hide” link_id=”3618″]

The Samson Technologies Q2U USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone offers exceptional sound quality for podcasting, home recording, or voiceover work. This dynamic microphone features a cardioid pickup pattern that captures sound before the microphone and reduces ambient sounds and other room noises. It’s also super easy to set up!

22. Video Conference Lighting Kit

[lasso ref=”amzn-video-conference-lighting-kit-ring-light-clip-on-laptop-monitor-with-5-dimmable-color-5-brightness-level-for-webcam-lighting-zoom-lighting-remote-working-self-broadcasting-and-live-streaming-etc” id=”16002″ title=”hide” link_id=”3619″]

This video conference lighting kit is just what you need for your home office setup. It is a highly recommended and easy-to-assemble kit with everything necessary to outfit your desk or conference room space for video conferencing.

The kit contains two LED lights with adjustable stands, power adapter, USB cable, a phone holder, and a handy carrying bag for storage and transportation. This kit is super easy to set up and operate – plug it in and get ready for maximum video conferencing productivity!

23. Camera Mount Tripod

[lasso ref=”amzn-amazon-basics-50-inch-lightweight-camera-mount-tripod-stand-with-bag” id=”16003″ title=”hide” link_id=”3620″]

If you plan on making video content, then you will need a camera tripod like this one. It works well with iPhones and DSLR cameras. It’s also easy to take on the go with you, so you can film at different locations!

Made of lightweight aluminum, it weighs just over a pound, making it easy to take with you no matter where your journey takes you. It features a 3-way head that allows for tilt and swivel motion – perfect for both portrait and landscape shots. Its quick-release plate ensures fast transitions between shots, while its 3-section, lever-lock legs allow for easy height adjustments.


24. To Do List Notepad

[lasso ref=”amzn-to-do-list-notepad-daily-planner-notepad-undated-52-sheets-tear-off-6-5-x-9-8-checklist-productivity-organizer-with-hourly-schedule-for-tasks” id=”15995″ title=”hide” link_id=”3621″]

Looking for something to help make your life more organized and productive? The To Do List Notepad is just what you need! This 6.5” x 9.8” daily to do list notepad will help you stay on top of your day with plenty of space for writing down important tasks, appointments, and goals.

Make sure that no task gets missed with this helpful daily reminder! And with its thick cardboard backing, it’s durable enough to last throughout the entire year.

25. Reusable Notebook

[lasso ref=”amzn-rocketbook-smart-reusable-notebook-core-executive-size-spiral-notebook-infinity-black-dot-grid-6-x-8-8″ id=”16008″ title=”hide” link_id=”3622″]

This Reusable Notebook is about to blow your mind! This remarkable notebook is 36 pages with lined spiral binding, providing a great writing surface to capture all your notes, ideas, and musings.

But one of the best things about this notebook is that it’s erasable – you can write, then scan or wipe away with a damp cloth without any residue! That means you can use it repeatedly until all pages are filled. The Pilot Frixion pens work best with this notebook as they’re specially made for heatless erasing.

26. Rose Gold Pens

[lasso ref=”amzn-pasisibick-12-pieces-rose-gold-inspirational-motivational-quotes-snarky-screen-touch-stylus-ballpoint-pens-office-encouraging-scriptures-black-ink-rose-goldmotivational” id=”16019″ link_id=”3623″]

The Rose Gold Pens are a stylish and inspiring set of 12 ballpoint pens with a stylus tip. The pens come in luxurious rose gold colors, each with a unique inspirational quote—perfect for brightening your day!

With plenty of pens included, you’ll never be without a writing tool again. These pens provide all the comfort and support you need while adding an elegant touch to any situation.

The combination of the inspirational quotes and their classic rose gold colors make these pens perfect for any event or occasion. Don’t miss out on this amazing deal, and get your own set of motivational Rose Gold Pens today!

27. Clock Timer

[lasso ref=”amzn-mooas-multi-hexagon-clock-timer-mint-ver-2-digital-clock-timer-backlit-display-12-24h-mode-count-up-countdown-timer-rotating-display-various-time-presets-for-studying-cooking-exercising” id=”16021″ link_id=”3624″]

The mooas Clock Timer is a 3-in-1 clock, alarm, and timer you can use for multiple purposes. The upgraded version now offers Tabata workouts with the Mint color and Pomodoro with Yellow and White colors, making it even more versatile. Also, the 6-time configuration settings make it ideal for various uses.

The two-alarm modes (sound mode or mute mode) provide silent vibrations so you won’t disturb others near you. You can pause, resume and reset the timer as needed, and when the alarm rings again, it will start counting up to 99 minutes 59 seconds in timer mode.

The design is both neat in color and simple, while the backlight display makes it easy to see the time even in the dark.

28. Dry Erase Board

[lasso ref=”amzn-small-glass-desktop-whiteboard-dry-erase-board-computer-keyboard-stand-white-board-surface-pad-with-drawer-desk-organizers-with-accessories-for-office-home-school-supplies” id=”16012″ title=”hide” link_id=”3625″]

This desktop whiteboard is designed with your convenience in mind, featuring an ergonomic slope angle for comfortable reading and writing. You can place it right in front of your computer for easy access. It’s so convenient to take little notes during Zoom meetings or conference calls!

Desk Organizers

29. White Wood Desk Organizer

[lasso ref=”amzn-blu-monaco-white-wood-desk-organizers-and-storage-with-drawer-bill-mail-organizer-and-mail-holder-for-countertop-and-kitchen-desk-accessories-workspace-organizers” id=”16022″ title=”hide” link_id=”3626″]

This stylish and functional White Wood Desk Organizer is essential for any home office. The modern and chic design will add a touch of elegance to any desk, while the rustic style ensures it will go with any decor.

Durably constructed out of wood, this organizer is built to last, providing easy access to incoming and outgoing mail, bills, paperwork, and other important documents. It even has the capability of fitting letter-sized file folders horizontally!

Ergonomics and Eye Protection

30. Lumbar Support Pillow

[lasso ref=”amzn-samsonite-lumbar-support-pillow-for-office-chair-and-car-seat-perfectly-balanced-memory-foam-versatile-use-lower-back-cushion” id=”15975″ title=”hide” link_id=”3627″]

A lumbar support pillow is the perfect solution if you’re looking for relief from lower back pain and discomfort from sitting for long periods. The memory foam cushion contours perfectly to your body shape, providing long-lasting comfort and support whenever you sit.

31. Computer Eye Relief Drops

[lasso ref=”amzn-similasan-computer-eye-relief-eye-drops-0-33-fluid-ounce-for-temporary-relief-from-tired-eyes-aching-eyes-eye-strain-burning-or-redness-from-computer-use-with-natural-active-ingredients” id=”15976″ title=”hide” link_id=”3628″]

Computer eye drops provide natural, temporary relief from the symptoms of eye strain, like tiredness, aching, burning, and redness. Formulated with natural active ingredients that are safe and effective for use as often as needed.

32. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

[lasso ref=”amzn-stylish-blue-light-blocking-glasses-for-women-or-men-ease-computer-and-digital-eye-strain-dry-eyes-headaches-and-blurry-vision-instantly-blocks-glare-from-computers-and-phone-screens-w-case” id=”15977″ title=”hide” link_id=”3629″]

If you’ve never heard of blue light-blocking glasses before, here are the benefits! This stylish wear protects your eyes from the harmful effects of computer screens. These blue light glasses inhibit the production of blue light, reducing eyestrain and promoting better rest at night.

With an unobtrusive design, these glasses are a comfortable and stylish addition to any outfit. They can be worn when viewing digital screens in any environment, both in bright outdoor situations and in dim indoor rooms.

Their lightweight frame ensures maximum comfort – perfect for long days in front of the screen! Whether you want to get work done or have fun scrolling through social media, these blue light glasses help you stay focused and energized throughout your day.

33. Compression Gloves

[lasso ref=”amzn-copper-compression-arthritis-gloves-orthopedic-brace-copper-infused-fingerless-glove-arthritis-pain-relief-rheumatoid-tendonitis-hand-pain-computer-typing-fits-women-men-1-pair-small” id=”16037″ title=”hide” link_id=”3630″]

These compression gloves bring much-needed relief to those with joint pain due to arthritis, and their design creates a gentle compression that helps reduce inflammation and swelling.

The rubber grips offer extra support along the joints to help relieve painful pressure points, while also being easily removed when needed.

Plus, these gloves are lightweight and breathable — allowing users to keep them on even in hot weather without worrying about excessive heat or irritation.

34. Foot Rest for Under Desk

[lasso ref=”amzn-oam-foot-rest-for-under-desk-at-work-chiropractor-endorsed-2in1-adjustable-premium-under-desk-footrest-ergonomic-desk-foot-rest-with-high-density-compression-resistant-velvet-soft-foam-black” id=”16154″ link_id=”4205″]

This foot rest can help you sit more comfortably at your desk for hours at a time. With improved posture, you’ll be less likely to have lower back pain from working on a computer. I’m average height but I’ve heard that this product is also amazing for people who have short legs!


35. Coffee Warmer

[lasso ref=”amzn-smart-coffee-warmer-bestinnkits-auto-on-off-gravity-induction-mug-warmer-for-office-desk-use-candle-wax-cup-warmer-heating-plate-up-to-131f-55c-black” id=”16010″ link_id=”3631″]

Keep your hot drinks warm and ready with this convenient coffee warmer. The built-in gravity induction switch and an indicator light eliminate the need to manually turn it on/off. Perfect for those who like their beverage at just the right temperature, this coffee warmer is a must-have item for any home kitchen.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, working from home can be hugely beneficial, but it’s important to make sure you have the right setup to maximize your productivity.

Whether that means making yourself a cozy office space or investing in the best tech gadgets, such as noise-canceling headphones and adjustable laptop stands, it’s worth looking into what works best for you.

Working from home doesn’t have to be isolating either – look for ways to stay connected with colleagues and foster collaboration because communication is key!

Ultimately, if done well, working from home can offer you unparalleled flexibility and control and let you work more productively than ever before!