100 Betta Fish Names: Fin-tastic Puns for Your Swimmy Friend

When choosing a name for your colorful betta fish, consider a moniker that reflects their vibrant hues. Betta fish come in a rainbow of colors, and each shade can inspire a clever, fitting name. Here’s a fun guide to spark your creativity based on your fish’s particular scales.

Movie-Inspired Betta Fish Names

When you bring a colorful betta into your life, picking a name that reflects their personality and your interests is half the fun. If you’re a movie buff, why not let your favorite films guide you? Here are some cinema-themed suggestions that might just be the perfect fit for your finned friend:

  • Gill-da: Inspired by the classic film “Gilda,” perfect for a betta with a flair for the dramatic.
  • Fin Diesel: After the tough action star Vin Diesel, ideal for a betta with a bold attitude.
  • Bubbafett: A playful take on Boba Fett from “Star Wars,” suitable for a mysterious and cool betta.
  • Swim Shady: For fans of “8 Mile” and bettas with a bit of a rapscallion streak.
  • Swimba: “The Lion King”
  • Marlin Monroe: Marilyn Monroe films
  • Betta White: Reference to Betty White’s film roles.
  • Fish Gump: Perfect for a laid-back, easygoing betta.

Indulge in a bit of creativity, and give your betta a name that both of you will love! Whether it’s a cheeky pun or a homage to a Hollywood legend, your movie-inspired pick is sure to be a hit.

Musical Betta Fish Names Puns

When you choose a name for your betta fish, it’s a chance to show off your creativity and love for music. Here are some pun-based names inspired by musical terms and artists that hit all the right notes.

  • Betta Midler – A twist on the name of the divine singer Bette Midler.
  • Swim Shady – For the betta who’s a fan of rap legend Eminem, aka Slim Shady.
  • Betta Than Ezra – After the band Better Than Ezra, for a fish with an alternative flair.
  • Swish – A fun take on the band Kiss, perfect for a rock ‘n roll swimmer.
  • Swimmy Hendrix – Jimi Hendrix, legendary guitarist
  • Maroon 5-fin – Maroon 5, pop-rock band
  • Fin Jovi – Bon Jovi, iconic rock band
  • Ella Finzgerald – Ella Fitzgerald, jazz singer

Historical Figures Betta Fish Names

Creating a name for your betta fish can be a fun way to connect with history. If you delight in tales from the past, consider naming your fish after a notable figure. Here’s a playful twist on historical names just for your finned friend.

  • Gillius Caesar: A classic pun on Julius Caesar, perfect for a betta with an imperial attitude.
  • Alexander the Greatfin: For the betta that conquers all, a twist on Alexander the Great.
  • Fins Ferdinand Magellan: After the explorer Ferdinand Magellan, this name is fit for fishy adventurers.
  • Issac Newfin: Inspired by Isaac Newton, this name suits the particularly clever betta.
  • Leonardifish Vinci: If your betta has an artistic streak, name it after the renowned artist, Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Thomas Edifishon: For the innovative betta, after the inventor Thomas Edison.
  • William Shakesfear: A betta with dramatic flair could carry the name of the poet William Shakespeare.
  • Fishgerald: This one goes out to fans of the Jazz Age and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s glitzy atmosphere.

Literature-Inspired Betta Fish Names Puns

When you peer into the tank of your betta fish, it’s not just the vibrant colors that capture your attention; it’s also their unique personality. Perhaps your fish has a noble demeanor, a feisty spirit, or a calm presence that reminds you of your favorite literary characters. Here are some pun-filled names inspired by literature that could be a perfect fit for your betta buddy:

  • Finnegans Wake: A great name if your fish is active as soon as it wakes.
  • Moby Dick: Ideal for a betta who’s the giant of its tank.
  • Swim Shady: After the notorious Slim Shady, for the betta that’s always up to something.
  • Julius Seafarer: For a betta with imperial ambitions.
  • Jane Austentatious: Does your betta have elegant flair like Austen’s heroines? This could be their name.
  • Herman Melvillefin: A nod to the author of Moby Dick, with a playful twist.
  • Sherlock Fin: For the inquisitive betta who always seems to be solving mysteries in its tank.
  • The Great Gillsby: A clever play on words for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic character.
  • Beowulfins: This one goes out to the brave and fearless betta who rules its tank with courage.
  • Dante’s Inferno: A dramatic name for a betta who loves to explore every nook and cranny of its tank.

For Your Red Betta:

  • Salsa: A spicy name for a fish as vibrant as a dance.
  • Cherry: Sweet and straightforward for a fish with the color of ripe cherries.
  • Scarlet: A nod to a classic shade of deep red.
  • Ruby: Perfect for a fish with gemstone-like sparkle.
  • Flame: A fiery name for a fish that is anything but boring.
  • Phoenix: For a fish that rises from the ashes and flaunts its red hues.
  • Crimson: A strong and striking name for an equally stunning betta.
  • Ember: Short and sweet, just like your red betta.
  • Blaze: Another fiery option for a fierce fish.

For Your Blue Betta:

  • Azure: Evocative of the clear blue sky.
  • Indigo: For those with a deeper blue, reminiscent of the rich dye.
  • Cobalt: A metallic twist for a betta with a bold blue hue.
  • Sapphire: After the precious gemstone with a brilliant blue shade.
  • Cerulean: Inspired by the dreamy shade of blue in the sky.
  • Navy: A strong and bold name for a majestic fish.
  • Sky: A light and airy name for an ethereal blue betta.
  • Midnight: For a fish with a dark and mysterious blue color.
  • Aqua: A playful and cheerful name for a betta that radiates tropical vibes.

For Your Green Betta:

  • Emerald: A regal name for a betta with jewel-tone greens.
  • Pistachio: A playful pick for lighter green bettas.
  • Olive: Ideal for bettas with a muted green hue.
  • Jade: A touch of Eastern elegance for your greenish companion.
  • Mint: Refreshing and crisp for a betta with hues of green.
  • Lime: Another option for a playful, tropical-themed name.
  • Forest: Perfect for a betta with deep green tones, reminiscent of the lush forest.
  • Kiwi: A fun and quirky name for a betta with bright and bold greens.

Other Color-Inspired Names:

  • Marigold: For a bright and sunny yellow betta.
  • Lavender: A delicate name for a fish with soft purple tones.
  • Peach: Sweet and charming for an orange or pink-hued betta.
  • Lilac: A lovely name for a betta with shades of light purple.
  • Chocolate: For a dark brown or maroon betta with rich coloring.
  • Coal: A cool and unique name for an all-black betta.

Names Inspired by Patterns and Personalities:

  • Ziggy: Perfect for a fish with bold and energetic patterns.
  • Maverick: For a betta with a rebellious streak or unique coloring.
  • Nova: A celestial name for an iridescent betta fish.
  • Whiskers: An adorable name for a betta with prominent facial whiskers.
  • Diva: A sassy and confident pick for a vibrant betta fish.
  • Glimmer: A sparkling name for a betta with shimmering scales.

Names Inspired by Nature:

  • Coral: For a betta with vibrant colors reminiscent of the ocean’s coral reefs.
  • Willow: A gentle and graceful name for a peaceful and elegant betta.
  • Echo: Inspired by the calming sound of water, perfect for a betta fish.
  • Thunder: A strong and powerful name for an energetic betta with dark coloring.
  • Breezy: A light and airy name for a lively betta fish.
  • Frost: For a betta with icy or cool tones in their coloring.

Names Inspired by Mythology:

  • Aurora: Inspired by the Roman goddess of dawn, perfect for a betta with bright and beautiful colors.
  • Apollo: A strong and regal name for a betta fish with striking features.
  • Luna: A mystical name for a betta fish with shades of blue or silver in their coloring.
  • Phoenix: For a resilient and fiery betta fish with vibrant coloring.
  • Nyx: Inspired by the Greek goddess of night, perfect for a dark or black betta fish.

Names Inspired by Food:

  • Sushi: A delicious and cute name for a betta with colorful and vibrant scales.
  • Mochi: For a small and sweet betta fish with delicate features.
  • Cinnamon: A warm and spicy name for a betta with reddish or copper tones in their coloring.
  • Honey: Sweet and endearing, perfect for a golden or honey-colored betta fish.
  • Mango: A juicy and tropical name for a bright and lively betta fish.

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