25 Calls to Action for Instagram: Boost Your Engagement Easily

Need more engagement on your Instagram posts? Here are 25 easy calls to action for Instagram you can use to jump-start conversations and get people interacting with your content!

Getting your audience’s attention on Instagram is super important these days!

Creating a killer call to action (CTA) is a major way to engage your followers and motivate them to take action.

Whether you want to boost website traffic, generate sales, or increase conversion rates, a strong CTA can make a real difference. Let’s make it happen!

Instagram Calls to Action: Quick List

With some creativity and insights, you can create powerful CTAs that resonate with your audience and encourage them to engage with your content.

Here are some examples of Instagram CTAs that you can use to drive user engagement:

  1. Double-Tap If You Agree: Encourage users to double-tap (like) your post if they agree with the sentiment or message you’ve shared.
  2. Tag a Friend: Ask users to tag a friend who would relate to or appreciate the content you’ve posted.
  3. Comment Below: Invite users to leave a comment related to the post. You could ask a question, seek opinions, or ask for personal stories.
  4. Share Your Thoughts: Encourage users to share their thoughts, experiences, or opinions related to the content.
  5. Swipe Right: If you’ve posted a series of images, ask users to swipe left to see more or to reveal additional information.
  6. Tap the Link: If you have a link in your bio, prompt users to tap the link to learn more, shop, or access a specific resource.
  7. Turn On Post Notifications: Ask users to turn on post notifications so they never miss an update from you.
  8. Save for Later: Encourage users to save the post by tapping the bookmark icon, indicating they want to revisit it later.
  9. Join the Conversation: Invite users to join a discussion or conversation in the comments section.
  10. Send a Direct Message (DM): Encourage users to send you a direct message to ask a question, share feedback, or start a conversation.
  11. Enter a Contest/Giveaway: If you’re running a contest or giveaway, instruct users on how to enter for a chance to win.
  12. Use a Branded Hashtag: Encourage users to include a specific branded hashtag in their posts related to your content or brand.
  13. Check Out Our Story: Direct users to your Instagram Story for additional content, announcements, or updates.
  14. Share with Your Story: Ask users to share your post to their Instagram Story, giving you more visibility.
  15. Sign Up Now: If you’re promoting a webinar, workshop, or event, encourage users to sign up through the link in your bio.
  16. Shop Now: Direct users to your online store or product page for shopping opportunities.
  17. Learn More: Encourage users to learn more about a topic, product, or service by visiting a link in your bio or swiping up on a Story (if you have the necessary follower count or account type).
  18. Tag Us in Your Photos: If you’re featuring user-generated content, ask users to tag you in their photos for a chance to be featured on your page.
  19. Follow Us for More: Encourage users to follow your account for more content like what you’ve posted.
  20. Turn Post Notifications On: Prompt users to turn on post notifications so they’re alerted whenever you post new content.
  21. Book Recommendations: Share a recent read and ask users to comment with their book recommendations.
  22. Inspire Us: Post an inspirational quote or message and ask users to share what inspires them in return.
  23. Travel Bucket List: Invite users to share their top travel destinations they’d like to visit someday.
  24. Foodie Adventure: Post a picture of a unique dish and ask users to share their favorite food experiences.
  25. Save this Video for Later: Hey, don’t forget to save this video for later! This is a call to action for Instagram reels.

Creating Compelling Instagram CTAs

Creating impressive calls to action (CTAs) on Instagram can greatly improve your engagement with your audience.

Here are some key tips you can try in order to make your Instagram CTAs more enticing.

1. Tease Your Followers

Build curiosity by providing just enough information to spark interest. Give your followers a reason to click on your CTA, such as a sneak peek of a new product or an upcoming event.

For example, “Discover our latest collection here“.

2. Let the Audience See the Need

Make your CTA clear and showcase the benefits of your product or service. Show how it will solve a problem or fulfill a need for your audience.

Include visuals, like images or videos, to better illustrate your point.

3. Encourage Followers to Tag Their Friends

This can be a great way to spread the word about your content, product, or service. Ask your followers to tag friends who may be interested, e.g., “Know someone who’d love this? Tag them below!”.

4. Use Active Language

Choose strong, motivating words that inspire action. Be direct and specific, like “Shop now” or “Sign up today”.

5. Create a Sense of Urgency

Encourage your followers to act quickly by including limited-time offers, countdown timers, or other time-sensitive elements. Phrases like “Offer ends soon” or “Limited spots available” work well.

6. Focus on ‘You’ Statements

Make your CTAs more personal by addressing your audience directly using “you” or “your”. For instance, “Unlock your exclusive discount code here”.

Implementing these tips in your Instagram CTAs can help increase engagement, drive website traffic, and potentially boost your sales.

Types of Instagram CTAs

Instagram offers various ways to incorporate calls to action (CTAs) into your content, encouraging audience engagement and driving desired outcomes.

The following sub-sections outline four common types of Instagram CTAs that you can use in your social media strategy.

Text CTAs

Text CTAs are simple yet effective ways to prompt users to take action. Some examples include inviting them to:

  • Leave a comment
  • Tag a friend
  • Share their thoughts or opinions

Remember to use active language and maintain a friendly tone to make the CTA more relatable.

For example, “Tag a friend who would love this!” or “What’s your favorite feature? Let us know in the comments!”

Button CTAs

Instagram allows you to add action buttons on your profile page, providing a direct link to specific services or pages. You can integrate these buttons with various platforms like Eventbrite, Foursquare, and Shopify. Some popular button options include:

  • Book
  • Get Tickets
  • Reserve

To add a button, go to your profile, tap “Edit Profile,” and select “Action Buttons.” Choose the desired service and follow the prompts.

Link in Bio CTAs

As Instagram only allows one clickable URL in your bio, the Link in Bio CTA is an effective way to direct users to a specific landing page, product, or blog post. Common Link in Bio CTAs are:

  • Check out our latest blog post through the link in our bio!
  • Click the link in our bio to shop now!

To maximize its potential, use a URL shortener or create a unique link that stands out and is easy to track.

Customizing Instagram CTAs

Design Elements

When customizing CTAs for Instagram, pay attention to the design elements. Use eye-catching colors and bold text to emphasize your CTA.

Visually appealing CTAs are more likely to grab your audience’s attention and encourage engagement.

For example, if you are promoting a sale, consider using vibrant colors like red or yellow to highlight urgency.

Linguistic Techniques

Leverage linguistic techniques to make your CTAs more persuasive. Utilize active language and verbs like “shop,” “try,” “join,” or “discover” to inspire action.

Focus on using “you” statements, which create a connection between your brand and the audience.

Keep your CTAs clear and concise; avoid using jargon or complex words.

Another effective strategy is to create a sense of urgency, by using words like “limited time” or “exclusive offer.”

This prompts users to take action immediately, instead of postponing it.

Examples of CTAs with linguistic techniques:

  • Shop now, and save an extra 20% off clearance items!
  • Try our new protein-packed smoothie for a limited time.
  • Join our VIP list to get early access to exclusive offers.
  • Discover the latest trends in sustainable fashion


Maximize the effectiveness of your CTAs by optimizing their placement on your Instagram profile and posts.

Place CTAs in your captions, encouraging users to click the link in your bio, swipe up on Stories, or take a specific action like tagging friends.

Don’t forget to make use of Instagram Stories features like the question or poll stickers, which offer dynamic ways for users to interact with your content.

In addition to captions and Stories, incorporate CTAs directly on your images or videos, as visual elements can help reinforce your message.

Analyzing Instagram CTA Success

Engagement Metrics

To measure the success of your Instagram call-to-actions (CTAs), start by analyzing engagement metrics.

These include likes, comments, and shares that your posts generate. On Instagram, high engagement signifies that your CTAs are resonating with your audience.

Here are a few ways to track these metrics:

  • Likes: Keep track of the number of likes for each post containing a CTA.
  • Comments: Monitor the comments section to see if users are responding positively to your CTAs.
  • Shares: Count the number of times users share your post, as this is an indicator of their interest.

Remember, maintaining a friendly tone is crucial when crafting CTAs that encourage engagement from your followers.

Conversion Rates

Lastly, measure your Instagram CTA success by monitoring conversion rates. Conversions are the ultimate goal of your CTAs, be it generating sales, obtaining email subscriptions, or signing up for an event.

To calculate your conversion rate, divide the number of users who complete a desired action by the total number of users who click on your CTA.

By tracking your conversion rate, you can continually optimize your CTAs and use the findings to improve your marketing strategy.

Tweak your CTAs and analyze the changes in conversion rate, adjusting your strategy accordingly.

Also, consider using urgency to boost your conversions, as it can compel users to act faster.

Examples of Good Instagram CTAs

Creating an effective call to action (CTA) on Instagram not only boosts engagement, but can also significantly increase traffic and conversions.

Here are some examples of excellent CTAs that you can use as a starting point for your own Instagram strategy.

Simplicity is key

A good CTA should be short and to the point, making it simple for your audience to understand and act upon.

For example, “Tap the link in our bio for more info!” or “Comment below and tell us your favorite!”

These CTAs are direct, easy to understand, and encourage engagement.

Encourage tagging

One way to increase your Instagram reach is by asking your followers to tag their friends in the comments.

This engages your audience and introduces your content to new potential followers.

A CTA like “Tag a friend who needs to see this!” can be highly effective.

Create urgency

By adding a sense of urgency to your CTAs, you can motivate your followers to act quickly.

For example, “DM us now for a limited-time offer!” or “24-hour flash sale – click the link now!”

These CTAs convey the idea that your audience must act quickly to avoid missing out.

Use strong action words

Make sure your CTA starts with an action word that clearly tells your audience what you want them to do. Words like “Shop,” “Vote,” “Sign up,” or “Learn” can be powerful motivators.

For example, “Learn new photography tips – click the link in our bio!”Remember to keep a friendly tone when crafting your CTAs.

Being too aggressive or forceful might turn followers off, while a more inviting and friendly approach can encourage more people to engage with your content.

Now that you have these ideas, put them to the test and see which CTAs resonate with your audience.

Where should these Instagram Call to Action Examples be placed?

Now that you have some examples of effective Instagram call-to-actions (CTAs), where should they be placed?

To make sure your CTAs hit the mark, try a mix of placements that connect with both your loyal fans and potential customers. Trust me, it’s a winning strategy!

Here are some places to put your CTAs:

  1. Instagram bio
  2. Instagram captions
  3. Instagram Stories
  4. Instagram Reels
  5. Instagram Live Shopping

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