7 Ways to Improve Your Personal Growth Mindset

What does personal growth mean to you? For me, personal growth is having an intellectual experience that improves my mind, my emotions, and my overall health. I’m sharing some ideas I have that I think you should try if you want to focus on personal growth in your own life.

Prioritizing personal growth in your life can do wonders for your self-esteem, your health, and your mind.

But so often, many of us neglect doing so. It happens easily enough due to work, school, socializing, and figuring out what to do with our lives.

I can tell you from personal experience that setting aside time to focus on your personal growth can positively affect your life. 

Listen to a podcast or webinar

I am so happy that I got on the podcast bandwagon. There are so many out there to choose from that cover a wide range of topics. Many podcasts are informative and educational, while others are entertaining. I had no idea I would be so amused by learning about polar bears.

For me, podcasts have helped motivate me and keep me on track. I am more likely to stick to a project for long periods of time when I have something to listen to. Podcast episodes last 30-60 minutes, a decent amount of time to get work done. 

Webinars are another way to spark some creativity or learn about new resources. So many creatives are out there that host webinars and share their ideas. I like them, and try to tune in when I can. 

Start a bullet journal

Bullet journaling is somewhat new. It’s very popular for creatives that prefer traditional writing. Every day you make a to-do list of what you want to accomplish that day or that week. I like how creative people get in the design of their bullet points. 

It’s a different way to journal your daily life and schedule your life in a planner. Using different colors and bullet points will help make planning every day life more enjoyable. It may not work for everyone, but it’s still something interesting to learn about. To learn more about bullet journaling, go here.

Invest in your future

When I was a teenager, it seemed like all I ever did was spend money on entertainment and self-gratification. Looking back on it years later, I ask myself, where did all that money go? I can’t answer that because I simply don’t know. I wasted so much money on clothes I only wore a handful of times, DVDs I watched once or twice, home decor items that ended up collecting dust in my closet. 

Once I finished college, I made a promise to myself to live more humbly. Instead of spending money on material things, I started spending money on investments. My college education was an investment because it taught me so many life lessons that will shape my career aspirations. I had the LASIK surgery performed on my eyes so I would save money in the long run; I’ll never have to buy contacts again, and I probably won’t need reading glasses until 20 years from now. I purchased online courses to learn about blogging, and I launched this website to teach myself web development and SEO tactics. 

Whatever you want your investment to be, think about how it will help you in the long term and fulfill your personal growth. For example, I love social media. Last year, I decided to take the plunge and bought Melyssa Griffin’s course, Pinfinite Growth. It was worth every penny! I have a steady flow of web traffic because of Pinterest, and it has helped set me apart when I try to book clients. Success investment, indeed.

Create a set of goals and implement them

There are many benefits to setting up goals for yourself. Having goals will give you a clearer picture of what you want to achieve. They will help you improve your time management because you’ll want to prioritize some goals over others. Accomplishing goals will also give you a peace of mind; the more goals you achieve, the more productive you will feel. 

Setting goals for myself has been pivotal in improving my confidence, skill sets, and personal growth. Some of my goals have been focused on my career while others have been more personal. No matter what they are, you should set up a system to track what your goals are and how you want to achieve them.

Read a book

I used to read books all the time when I was a kid. Once I became an adult, prioritizing time for reading has been difficult. Reading daily is proven to have several health and mental benefits, if you’re like me and need some motivation to get started.

For the past year, I’ve tried to make it a priority by creating a list of books I want to read. I don’t have a timeline for finishing these books because my main focus is reading for 15-30 minutes daily. Some days I don’t read books at all, but I read articles and news stories. It’s important to read past the headlines to get the full story and understand what’s happening in the world. 

Be resilient. 

Life is always going to throw curveballs at you. Don’t be afraid to conquer them head on. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone, and that’s okay! Be more positive. Look at life from another’s perspective. Learn something new. Keep an open mind and an open heart. 

Resiliency is one of the best ways to grow your strength. The more strength you have, the more you will be able to handle the ups and the downs. 

Remain true to your values

You’re not always going to be sure about decision-making. When you resolve your decision-making around your values, it will be a lot easier. What I mean is, don’t sacrifice your feelings, your opinions, and your morals in order to satisfy somebody else. 

There’s been plenty of times where I was made to feel like I wasn’t good enough. It happens to all of us. The best thing for me to do was to learn from it and then move on. Once you convince yourself you’re good enough, others will see it too. 

Some of these ideas work better than others. I don’t currently bullet journal because I prefer using my computer. But I wanted to share the idea, because it may be a great idea for someone else out there that doesn’t know that bullet journaling exists. Are any of these ideas new to you? What else would you suggest to try to experience personal growth?

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