How to Get Instagram Story Views: Proven Strategies that Work

Instagram Stories have become a powerful tool to engage with your audience and increase your social media presence. As a content creator, you probably want to know how to attract more viewers to your stories and maximize your impact. Let’s dive deeper into the effective strategies that can significantly boost views on your Instagram Story.

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Understanding the Instagram algorithm and posting engaging content are essential steps to increasing your Story views.

By implementing simple yet effective techniques such as using appropriate hashtags, incorporating engagement-driving stickers, and telling a compelling narrative, you can enhance your reach and keep your audience coming back for more.

Now, let’s dive into these proven strategies to help you get more views on your Instagram Stories and make the most of this powerful feature.

Understanding Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories provides a platform for sharing short-lived content with your followers. This content can be tailored to fit your specific needs and goals. In this section, we will look at the various aspects of Instagram Stories, including the Instagram algorithm, visibility, and the 24-hour lifespan of stories.

Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm plays a crucial role in determining the visibility of your stories. It considers factors such as how often a user interacts with your content, the likelihood of interacting with it, and more.

To gain more views on your Instagram stories, encourage interactions like likes and comments by engaging with your audience, posting high-quality content, and using appropriate hashtags.


Instagram stories are designed to have high visibility, but there are ways you can ensure even more people see your content.

Posting stories regularly helps ensure that your audience remains engaged and interested. Utilizing features like stickers, polls, and location tags can also boost the visibility of your stories, resulting in more views.

Another critical aspect of visibility is the use of hashtags. Incorporating popular and relevant hashtags in your stories can increase users’ likelihood of discovering your content while browsing through Instagram.

24 Hours Lifespan

One unique element of Instagram stories is their 24-hour lifespan. This means that your story posts will only be visible to your followers for a limited time, encouraging them to engage with your content promptly.

This also allows you to try new strategies or creative ideas without the permanence of a traditional Instagram post.

While the ephemeral nature of Instagram stories lends itself to spontaneity, it’s a good idea to plan your content in advance for consistency and cohesion.

By considering the 24-hour lifespan, you can ensure that your stories maintain interest and engagement, leading to an increase in views.

Creating Engaging Content

Photos and Videos

Your Instagram story content should be visually appealing to attract more viewers. High-quality photos and videos play a crucial role in capturing users’ attention. Make sure your photos have good lighting, focus, and a clear subject.

For video content, keep it brief and engaging. Use editing tools to polish your videos, add music, or apply filters that resonate with your target audience.


Boomerangs are a fun and interactive way to showcase your content on Instagram stories. These short, looping videos create a dynamic visual experience, grabbing the attention of your viewers.

Remember to choose interesting subjects and actions for your boomerangs, such as splashing water, jumping, or other captivating movements in a loop.

Interactive Stickers

Use the Instagram story stickers to get your followers to interact with you to increase engagement on your Instagram stories. These include polls, quizzes, questions, and countdowns.

Creating opportunities for your audience to interact with your story keeps them engaged and gathers valuable feedback and insights. This can help you understand your followers better and tailor your content accordingly.

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Templates for your Instagram stories can help streamline content creation while keeping a consistent visual style. You can find various free and paid templates online or create your own using design tools like Canva.

Templates offer a cohesive theme and make it easy to share various types of content, such as quotes, tips, or promotional material.

Choose templates that reflect your brand’s identity and customize them to match your unique voice and aesthetic.

Utilizing Hashtags

In this section, we will discuss the importance of hashtags and tags in increasing the visibility of your Instagram story and boosting your reach and followers.

Hashtags for Reach

Using hashtags is crucial to expand your Instagram audience and improve your reach. When you include a hashtag in your story, it could appear in the relevant hashtag story, which also shows up on the hashtag page (Hootsuite).

To find the best hashtags for your content, you can use the Instagram search function by typing in a keyword relevant to your post and selecting the “Tags” tab. Choose hashtags that are not overly popular, so your content doesn’t get buried quickly (Influencer Marketing Hub).

Checking a hashtag’s post volume can also help you vet your hashtags effectively. To do this, visit Instagram’s tag search tool on the Explore Page (Later). You might discover niche hashtags with similar keywords but a more optimal volume of posts.

Tagging Users and Brands

Tagging other users or brands in your Instagram stories can also contribute to an increase in visibility. When you tag relevant users or brands, they might share your story, resulting in greater exposure to their respective audiences.

Another way to gain more story views is through location tags. These tags help users in the tagged location discover your content. When users search for a specific location on Instagram, they can see what other IG users are sharing about that place (MakeUseOf).

This strategy helps you connect with local audiences and enhances your chances of attracting more viewers and followers.

By implementing these hashtag and tagging techniques in your Instagram stories, you can boost your visibility, extend your reach, and grow your followers effectively.

Increasing Engagement and Reach

Boosting engagement and reach on your Instagram stories is essential for growth and visibility. This section will explore various interactive features and user-generated content strategies to increase story views.

Polls and Quizzes

Interactive polls and quizzes are great ways to encourage your followers to engage with your Instagram stories. They provide entertainment and help you collect valuable insights about your audience’s preferences.

To increase engagement using polls and quizzes, try the following:

  • Create polls related to your brand, products, or industry trends.

  • Design quizzes that test your audience’s knowledge or share fun facts about your business.

  • Use visually appealing images and clear text to encourage participation.

  • Share the poll or quiz results in a follow-up story, sparking further conversations.

Questions and Feedback

Building a relationship with your audience is key to increasing engagement on your Instagram stories. Encourage your followers to ask questions or provide feedback using the Questions sticker feature.

This interactive tool allows you to collect and share responses in your stories, fueling conversations and making your followers feel heard.

Here are some tips to get started:

  • Ask open-ended questions that encourage thoughtful responses.

  • Request feedback on your latest product or service, inviting constructive criticism and praise.

  • Answer selected questions or feedback in a dedicated story, promoting further discussions.

User-Generated Content

Sharing user-generated content (UGC) on your Instagram stories effectively boosts engagement, showcases customer experiences, and fosters a sense of community among your followers. UGC can include anything from product reviews and testimonials to fan art and creative content relevant to your brand.

To implement UGC in your stories, consider the following:

  • Encourage your followers to tag your brand or use a dedicated hashtag when sharing relevant content.

  • Repost high-quality UGC on your stories, giving proper credit to the original creator.

  • Combining UGC with polls, quizzes, and questions creates a highly engaging and interactive Instagram story.

By incorporating these strategies into your Instagram stories, you can effectively increase engagement and reach, allowing your brand to thrive on the platform.

Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram Story Highlights can significantly increase your story views. You can effectively showcase your best content and engage your audience by creating and organizing Highlights.

Creating Highlights

Creating Highlights is a simple process. Start by tapping the “+” icon on your profile. Then, select the relevant stories you want to add to the new Highlights category. You can add a title and edit the cover by repositioning an image from your stories or uploading a photo (source).

Custom covers can give your Highlights a more appealing look. To create a custom cover, design an image 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels high in your favorite graphics program (source).

Organizing Content

Organizing your content within the Highlights is crucial for keeping your audience engaged. Divide your stories into relevant categories or themes that resonate with your audience. This way, viewers can quickly find content they are interested in.

Remember that humans love well-structured narratives. Structure your Instagram Stories to have a clear beginning, middle, and end (source) whenever possible.

You can also boost your story views by incorporating engagement-driving stickers, such as polls, emoji sliders, quizzes, or questions. Adding these stickers to your stories encourages interactions and can positively impact the Instagram algorithm (source).

Promoting Your Stories

Promoting your content effectively is essential to get more views on your Instagram story. This article will cover two key tactics for promoting your Instagram stories: sharing on other platforms and collaborating.

Collaborating with Others

Partnering with like-minded individuals or brands can significantly boost your Instagram story views. Collaborations open up your content to a new audience and can help you build connections within your community. To effectively collaborate on Instagram stories, consider the following strategies:

  • Identify influencers, brands, or creators within your niche that align with your values and have a strong presence on Instagram. Reach out to them and propose a collaboration, outlining potential benefits for both parties.

  • Plan a joint Instagram story takeover, which allows you and your collaborator to cross-promote your content by sharing it on each other’s Instagram stories. This approach mutually benefits both partners, increasing story views and engagement.

  • Create high-quality, engaging content that showcases the strengths of your partnership. This element is crucial for capturing the attention of your existing audience and the new followers introduced through the collaboration.

By sharing your stories on other platforms and collaborating with others in your community, you can effectively promote your Instagram stories and see a significant increase in views.

Using Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is a valuable tool to help you analyze your Instagram performance and understand what drives better engagement for your stories.

Understanding Metrics

To effectively leverage Instagram Insights, you should familiarize yourself with the key metrics provided. Here are some essential metrics specific to Instagram Stories:

  • Impressions: The total number of times your story has been viewed.

  • Reach: The unique number of accounts that have viewed your story.

  • Exits: The number of times someone swipes away from your story to return to their feed.

Hootsuite provides a detailed explanation on how to access these metrics and more from your Instagram app. Remember that understanding these metrics will help you identify areas to optimize your content and drive growth for your Instagram stories.

Improving Content Strategy

Once you have a grasp on the metrics, it’s time to analyze the data and make improvements to your content strategy. Here are three tips to get you started:

  • Analyze Story Performance: Identify your top-performing stories by analyzing reach, impressions, and engagement. Understand what made those stories successful and apply those techniques to future content.

  • Experiment with Posting Schedule: Use Insights to determine the best posting times for your audience. For example, monitor when most of your followers are online and try posting during peak hours to maximize visibility and engagement.

  • Test Different Content Formats: Experiment with diverse content types, such as photos, videos, polls, or GIFs, and use Insights to track their performance. Focus on the content formats that perform best with your audience.

By following these guidelines and regularly checking Instagram Insights, you can better understand what captivates your audience and drive growth for your Instagram stories.

Making the Most of Tools and Features

Social Media Management Tools

Social media management tools like Later can help you effectively manage your Instagram stories and increase their views. These tools offer scheduling, analytics, and insights on content engagement, allowing you to post stories at optimal times and tailor your content to your audience’s preferences.

Using these tools, you can streamline your content creation process and focus on producing high-quality, engaging stories to capture your audience’s attention.

Replying to Messages

Engaging with your audience is crucial to attracting more views to your Instagram stories. Responding to messages and comments from your followers demonstrates that you value their input and fosters a stronger connection with them.

This two-way interaction can increase engagement with your content, as users feel more inclined to view and interact with your stories if they sense a genuine connection with you. Keep a consistent and attentive presence on Instagram.

Reply to messages promptly and thoughtfully, and encourage your audience to contact you with inquiries or feedback.

Final Thoughts

Creating compelling Instagram stories is an effective way to reach and engage your audience. By utilizing the right tools and strategies, you can maximize their potential and see a tangible increase in views.

Leverage metrics from Insights, experiment with content formats, take advantage of social media management tools, and stay connected with your followers—these are all essential steps to optimizing your stories and driving growth.

With the right approach, you can deliver captivating content that resonates with your followers and helps boost your brand’s visibility.

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