June Pinterest Trends in 2024

If you want to get a better idea of what to pin in June, here are some trending ideas that pinners are searching for on Pinterest in June 2024. Whether you’re looking to inspire your own creativity or simply enjoy browsing others’ ideas, these trending June Pinterest trends will help you get started!

If you’re focused on marketing, it’s important to recognize that June is a time when businesses typically slow down. Summer is a busy time for readers, as there are many activities to participate in. From graduation ceremonies to Father’s Day, people are outside more and using their devices less.

It’s already time to go over what to pin on Pinterest in June! An important factor of Pinterest SEO is doing keyword research. If you have a Pinterest account, you can use the Pinterest Trends tool to collect potential keywords to add to your pin titles and pin descriptions.

How Do I Find What’s Trending on Pinterest?

The Pinterest Trends report offers a snapshot of popular topics being searched for on the platform. If you are logged into your Pinterest business account on a desktop, you will click on Analytics near the top left corner of your screen. Then you will select Trends.

Check out my tips on how to use Pinterest Trends, so you can start gathering a database of keywords to focus on!

This Year’s June Pinterest Trends

Pinners are starting to feel the heat outside so they are looking forward to spending afternoons by the pool. On that note, pinners are making plans to spend time outdoors so focus on pool parties, camping, backyard patios, cookouts, picnics, grilling recipes, and more.

Here are some holidays you should keep in mind:

1) Father’s Day

There are a few ways to target Father’s Day. Some pinners are looking for quotes to share on social media. Others are looking for gift ideas and crafts to make with kids.

2) 4th of July

This is the big summer holiday that celebrates independence in the US. Focus on party food like grilling recipes, strawberry and blueberry desserts, and smoker recipes. Pinners are also looking for red, white, and blue inspiration like swimsuits, nails, headbands, t-shirts, and more.

3) Juneteenth

Observed on June 19th, Juneteenth officially became a federal holiday in the US in 2021. Similar to other holidays, pinners are looking for ways to celebrate. They’re also looking for designs in regards to t-shirts and nails.

4) Canada Day

Canadians celebrate on July 1. Similar to the 4th of July, focus on party foods and appetizers as well as hosting a cookout.

5) Graduation Parties

Graduation is a special time for families to come together and celebrate their loved ones’ accomplishments. Think about sharing party themes, decor, food, and other party ideas.

6) Pool Parties

From pool party decorations to pool party food, pinners are looking for unique ideas to host unforgettable pool parties. And don’t forget the fun! Try throwing a luau-themed pool party for a little bit of island flair.

7) Baby Showers

You can generally pin about baby showers throughout the year, but most babies are born in August and September. You will also see a surge in “baby shower ideas” around December or January. Focus on themes, decorations, games, and food.

8) Gardening

Homesteading and making food at home have been growing in popularity in recent years. Focus on container gardening, houseplants, succulents, and growing herbs and vegetables at home.

  • what herbs grow well together
  • backyard farming

9) Fashion

  • corsets, black corsets, corset aesthetic
  • 70s outfits, 70s fashion, retro fashion
  • red dress, red dress outfit, red prom dresses
  • wedding guest dress, what to wear to a wedding, summer wedding outfit guest
  • date night outfit, dinner date outfit, girls’ night out outfit ideas

10) Food & Drink

  • dinner recipes, recipes for dinner, easy dinner ideas
  • Alabama white bbq sauce

Be sure to focus on grilling, especially if you have men in your audience. This is one of the reasons why they use Pinterest! Here are a few ideas:

  • bbq ribs on the grill
  • smash burger recipe
  • grilled asparagus
  • grilled chicken marinade
  • rum drinks
  • ice cream cake
  • iced coffee
  • sangria

11) Beauty

Pinners are looking for sunscreen recommendations and skincare tips after a sunburn.

12) Hairstyles

Be sure to check the Pinterest trends often if you blog about hairstyles. The trends tend to change every couple of weeks. In June, many people are looking for short haircuts and highlights too. Curtain bangs are one particular trend that is popular right now but might not be in a few months.

For hair color ideas, platinum lavender hair is on the rise.

12) Home & Interior Design

Pinners are looking for interior paint colors as well as ways to make their homes as comfortable and cozy as possible. Focus on the master bedroom, guest bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. In the summer months, there is also an interest in landscaping, backyards, and patios.

One particular interior design idea that’s popular right now is cottagecore. It’s inspired by nature and romance.

Here are some other topics to consider:

  • garage storage organization
  • garage door makeover

14) Vacation Ideas

Pinners are searching for packing lists, especially for cruises, beach vacations, road trips, and camping accessories.

15) Travel Inspiration

Focus on beaches, camping, and road trips.

  • long road trip essentials
  • bucket list ideas
  • camping, camping essentials, camping gear, camping food

Content Planning on Pinterest

Was this list of June Pinterest trends helpful for you? Find out what you can pin in January, February, March, April, May, July, August, September, October, November, and December!

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